Corporate Governance Policy

As a public company listed in Indonesia’s capital market, the Company is committed to implementing good corporate governance (GCG) as one of the processes to maintain business sustainability that serves the interests of the shareholders and stockholders in the long run. To that end, the Company has set out GCG Guidelines in order to ensure a consistent and sustainable application of GCG principles in which a high degree of integrity, a strong commitment, and an active role of all parts of the Company are mandatory. In light of the enactment of Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) Regulation No. 21/POJK.04/2015 and OJK Circular Letter No. 032/SEOJK.04/2015 on Corporate Governance Guidelines for Listed Company, in 2017 the Company redoubled efforts to comply with the practice of GCG by adopting five core GCG principles as follows:

The Company provides easy access to complete, accurate and timely information for stakeholders and demonstrate openness of decision-making as well as towards disclosure of material and relevant information regarding the Company.

This principle concerns the clarity of function, structure, system and responsibility of organs of the Company. Accountability in the Company is ensured by encouraging all employees and/or parts of the Company to remain fully aware of their responsibilities, authorities, rights and duties in order that the Company can be managed in an effective manner.

The Company at all times performs monitoring of the compliance of the Company’s business processes with all applicable laws and regulations so as to prevent any violation of any forms.

This principle deals with the management of the Company in a professional manner, avoiding conflict of interest with and influence or pressure from any other parties that is in breach of regulations of law and of principles of a healthy corporation.

This principle ensures that all shareholders and stakeholders receive a fair and equal treatment and that they shall exercise their rights in compliance with applicable regulations of law.