Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary was appointed and dismissed by the Decision of the Board of Commissioners No. 034/LGLSK/X/2015 dated 1 October 2015, and accordingly appointed Johanes Wahyudi Edward as Corporate Secretary and Investor Relations serving as a liaison between the organs of the Company and OJK, Indonesian stock exchange, relevant institutions, and the communities. Pursuant to OJK Regulation No. 35/POJK.04/2014 on Corporate Secretary of Issuers or Listed Companies, he fulfilled the requirements and criteria for the position of Corporate Secretary which include the following:

  1. Legally competent;
  2. Knowledgeable about legal, financial, and corporate
    governance issues;
  3. Knowledgeable about the Company’s business activities;
  4. Communicate well;
  5. Reside in Indonesia



Johanes W.Edward
Sekretaris Perseroan
41 years old, Indonesia

Mr. Johanes W. Edward was re-elected as a Corporate Secretary of PT Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia Tbk. based on the Board of Directors Decisions Letter No. 034/LGLSK/X/2015 dated 1 October 2015. He has held the position of st Corporate Secretary of the company since October 01 , 2015. He had been working in financial and investation since 2000 working for PT Andalan Artha Advisindo Sekuritas. He has also held the position as President Director of PT Evergreen Invesco Tbk. in 2009 – 2015. Besides, he has also held the position as a Commissioner on Narada Communication since 2003 until now. He graduated from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Jakarta in 2000, majoring of Accounting. He had been attending many professionals financial training and investing workshop held by Euromoney, and was licensed as an Investment Manager of the Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution (Bapepam-LK) and certified Investment Management by the OJK in 2004

Duties & Responsibilities of Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary is in charge of Investor Relations division that plays an impor tant role in facilitating communication between the organs of the Company. S/he is also responsible for setting policy, planning and ensuring the effectiveness and transparency of corporate communications, institutional relationships, investor relations and other capital market actors by taking into account the principles of corporate ethical standards , principles of corporate governance, and corporate values. In addition, the Corporate Secretary shall ensure the Company’s compliance with capital market regulations. The main duties and responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary are:

  1. Monitor Capital Market development, especially the applicable regulations of law in the Capital Market;
  2. Provide input for the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners in an effort to comply with the provisions of regulations of law in the Capital Market and Articles of Association of the Company;
  3. Assist Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners in the implementation of Corporate Governance which includes
    1. Information disclosure to the public, through information available on the Company’s website;
    2. Submission of reports to the Capital Market authority in a timely manner;
    3. Execution and documentation of the General Meeting of Shareholders;
    4. Implementation and documentation of the Board of Directors Meetings, Board of Commissioners Meetings, Joint Meetings, and Committee Meetings;
    5. Implementation of Corporate Orientation Program for the BoD and BoC.
  4. Maintain good relations between the Company and shareholders, Financial Services Authority, and other stakeholders