‘Go Green’ Initiative

PT SPINDO, Tbk. is keenly aware of the importance of preserving the balance of nature to the efforts to improve employees’ job performance. Managing the work environment deal not only with the design of the layout of industrial facilities and the control of the process of converting raw materials into finished goods, but also with the making of a sensible arrangement of spatial layout for employees to go through all the processes. In an effort to create a green environment, the Company has sought to preserve existing trees. The Company tries to fully benefit from available open space by making it function as a garden. Tree planting and preservation was organized by employees in turn in order for them to have an understanding of the importance of environmental protection in the workplace

Eco-friendly Waste Management

The eco-friendly waste management program has been implemented by all levels of the Company’s employees, that is from head office staff to workers in the factory units, by sticking to the ‘3Rs’ principle: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reduce refers to a reduction in the use of electricity and water, a reduction of paper consumption, and reduction of waste. Reuse refers to re-using non-industrial waste water for irrigation. Recycle refers to such activities as recycle of plastic, waste paper, and waste oils. The implementation of the activities should be in line with the briefing and instructions of the heads of units.

Environmental Impact

We recognize the importance of environmental protection and adopt stringent environment protection measures. For example, we seek to minimize waste, raw material consumption and harmful emissions which may have negative effects on the environment. Although our business activities are not subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL), we are obliged to undertake various environmental management and monitoring undertakings (Upaya Pengelolaan Lingkungan dan Upaya Pemantauan Lingkungan or “UKL-UPL”) which are stipulated in Regulation of Minister of Environment No. 13 of 2010 on Environmental Management and Monitoring Procedures and Declaration Letter on Compliance with the Environmental Management and Monitoring Procedures. We undertake UKLUPL procedures at our facilities twice a year to ensure compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.