Occupational Health & Safety Practices (K3)

The Company is committed to managing its people as its most important asset, as people quality development is one of the success factors for delivering sustainable performance. Throughout 2016, we gave priority to the development of human resource management in a sustainable manner in all aspects to support and enhance the performance of the Company. Efforts to develop the quality of human resources through various types of activities, including through the training of technical aspects as well as soft skills. To achieve optimal results, the Company continues to evaluate and improvement of training modules, additional training materials, certification for specific training and implementation of training in cooperation with external parties concerned and competent.

The Company has a strong commitment to upholding and to consistently implementing the principles of occupational health and safety for the sake of each and every employee. Such commitment is set out in an integrated policy, namely the Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Policy. The provisions of the policy have been spread to all units at PT SPINDO, Tbk. The Company adheres to the laws and regulations on occupational health and safety and puts them into practice. Accordingly, we have implemented and worked towards certification on occupational health and safety management system (locally abbreviated to ‘SMK3′) for various divisions/operating units, which is in accordance with Government Regulation No. 50 of 2012. By adopting a well-planned SMK3, the Company has reduced the chance of fatal work-related accidents, minimized damage/loss of property, and increased the chance of achieving zero accident. These objectives are attainable because the implementation of SMK3 includes the identification of potential hazards, risk assessment and control, preparation of work plans to minimize workplace accidents, workplace assessment, periodic employee health checks, and evaluation of the work program of SMK3. The Company has also implemented and obtained OHSAS certification in 2011, which is an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems. More importantly, the OHSAS certification also gives assurance to the Company’s international buyers.