Whistleblowing System

All SPINDO employees, business partners and stakeholders have easy access to our whistleblower channel, where they can report violations, allegations, or potential violations of the Code of Business Conduct and Policy Rules, as well as ethical or other illegal conduct violations. All reports of ethical offenses committed by Company Employees are submitted to the Monitoring Committee on the Implementation and Enforcement of the Code of Ethics and Conduct (KP5). However, specifically for the breach committed by the Board of Directors and / or members of KP5, the reporting of the breach is submitted directly to the Audit Committee

In the event that the reporting of the offense is submitted in the form of a letter, it must be submitted in a sealed envelope and written in the left corner “CONFIDENTIAL”, addressed to:

When being reported is the Board of Directors or members KP5, to:

PT Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia Tbk
Gedung Baja Lt 7
Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta No 55
Jakarta Pusat
Up: Komite Audit


When being reported is staffs, to:

PT Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia Tbk
Jl. Kalibutuh 189 -191
Up: Komite Pemantau Penerapan dan Penegakan Pedoman
Etika dan Perilaku (Kp5)


As a commitment of the company in implementing good corporate governance, on a verifiable report, the Company will provide protection to whistleblowers. The protection provided includes :

1.Guarantees of the identity of the whistleblower.
2.Warranty on the confidentiality of the contents of the report submitted.
3.Guarantee for the protection of possible threats, intimidation, punishment or other unpleasant acts by the party reported.
4.For internal reporters who are victims or not involved in the case reported, the Company provides a guarantee of protection shall not be subject to:
ii.Decrease of rank or rank;
iii.Harassment or discrimination in all its forms;
iv.Adverse records in personal data files (personal file record).
Relating to the action reported or indirectly related to the party reported. As for the parties involved with the reported case, the report should be considered as a mitigating factor for the complainant.
5.In addition to the protection referred to in items 1 to 4 above, for a well-informed reporter, the Company shall also seek legal protection to the complainant as stipulated by law.